Ahmed Abdel-Latif, M.D., Ph.D.

Bio / Education: 
  • Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, M.D. 1990-1997 Medicine
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH, 2001-2004 Medicine
  • University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, 2004-2007 Cardiology
  • University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, M.S. 2005-2007 Public Health
  • University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, 2007-2009 Interventional Cardiology
  • University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, Ph.D. 2008-2012 Immunology and Molecular Biology
Selected Publications: 

1. Bolli R, Abdel-Latif A. “No pain, no gain. The useful function of angina”. Circulation. 2005; 112: 3541-3543. PMID: 16330693

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6. Zuba-Surma E, Kucia M, Abdel-Latif A, Dawn B, Brian Hall, Singh R, Lillard JW, Jr., Ratajczak MZ. “Morphological characterization of very small embryonic- like stem cells (VSELs) by image stream system analysis”. J Cell Mol Med. 2008; 12 (1): 292-303. PMID: 18031297

7. Flaherty MP, Abdel-Latif A, Li Q, Hunt G, Ranjan S, Ou Q, Tang X, Johnson RK, Bolli R, Dawn B. “Noncanonical wnt11 signaling is sufficient to induce cardiomyogenic differentiation in unfractionated bone marrow mononuclear cells”. Circulation, 2008; 117 (17); 2241-2252. PMID: 18427129

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PubMed Publications: 

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